NOVAR Sp. z o.o.



  • Transportation and conveyance Our steel construction are delivered to our end costumer using maritime and road traffic. For these deliveries a truckage company is commissioned which organizes deliveries of smaller and larger manners. A long-time collaboration as well as the number of delivered goods ensures that the constructions will be handed over on schedule and in undamaged condition.
  • Corrosion protection Our steel constructions work in normal as well as in highly aggressive environments. This is possible because of our cooperation with companies that are concerned with corrosion protection.
  • Mechanical manufacturing NOVAR Sp. z.o.o. cooperates with companies that specialize in mechanical manufacturing and thermal conditioning. The existent professional and technical potential gives us the qualification for the production of parts that have to be mechanically manufactured in a weight category of a few kilograms up to a number of tons.